Sunita Baby (Haryanvi Dancer) Hot Photos, Height, Bra Size, HD Wallpaper

Sunita Baby (Haryanvi Dancer) Hot Photos, Height, Bra Size, HD Wallpaper

Who is Sunita Baby?

Sunita Baby emerged as the new hot dancing sensation in Haryanvi stages shows these days. She got fame in a short period of time and lack behind other performers. Her lip-syncs risque ragini songs to accompany her raunchy dance numbers are very popular in Haryana. She became a queen of hearts of youths in the last 2 years and swiftly growing as a successful dancer.

Apart from dancing, she also showed her acting skills in a few Haryanvi comedy series shows and also performed a leading model in a few haryanvi songs. She gave a great competition to one of the top performers in the dancing Industry, "Sapna Choudhary" who is currently on the top spot right now and also quite famous in North India and in recent times, other parts of the country as well.

But the rising popularity of Sunita Baby makes her close to Sapna in performance point of view. As people have been started comparing these two fine dancers and as some saying, Sunita copied Sapna in dancing. No matter what anyone said, This new performer is surely filled with immense talent and have a great future ahead.

Here some of the hot pics of new famous haryanvi dancer Sunita Baby: The are some of the Sunita Baby hot and sexy hd photos which we have took from her FB pages and all over the internet.

desi photo

                                              Sunita Baby HD Photo From - Facebook

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  • Sunita baby Bra Size:


  • Body Measurements:


  • Hair Color


  •  Eye Color


  • Height

           5 ‘1”

  • Birth Place
          Haryana, India

  • Hometown

  • Hobbies

          Dancing, Singing, Travelling,

  • Relationship


Sizzling Dance Moves: Sunita is mostly famous for her blazing dance moves. We are sharing some of her seductive grooves. The shots have taken form her popular haryanvi dance numbers

In Haryanvi Comedy Series

She has been performed in a number of Haryanvi comedy series along with popular comedy actor 'Jhandu'. She has also shared the dance floor with him and people loved some of the hilarious moments during the dance shows. Maybe because of her acting talent in performing in comedy series will lead her to act in some movie too in the near future.

Here you can saw the glimpse of her performing in a comedy series.

Popular Dance Performances

Here we have some of the best dance performances by the new hot Haryanvi dancing sensation 'Sunita Baby':

A newcomer in Haryanvi stage show gave a sizzling dance performance in Bhiwani on the fair & lovely track which is sung by Raju punjabi. Her sexy moves and oozing hotness has created immense anticipation amongst the masses who witnessed the song live.

Here is the Haryanvi HD Video:

Here she performed a raunchy dance routine on stage on the song Goli chal javegi, in the voice of Radhey Shyam Radhey.The young dancer caught the attention once again center stage when she pulled off the very sexy dance moves during the sizzling show.

Here is the Hayanvi hd video of the popular song:

Social Media

Sunita has been active on social media platforms like Facebook. it the only known social platform we have known about her.

Facebook Address

Sunita Wallpaper

I 've made a Sunita wallpaper for you with complete HD image size of 1920 x 1080. You can also download the wallpaper directly to your computer down below is the link:
hd photo
                                                                             Image Size (1920 x 1080)

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