Parmish Verma Hairstyle, Beard, Pics (HD), Clothes Brand, Shoes,

Parmish Verma Hairstyle, Beard, Pics (HD), Clothes Brand, Shoes, 

Parmish Verma is a famous Punjabi Video director, famed actor and since last year emerged out as a talented singer. It took backbreaking work for many many years but at last, he got success and popularity esp among youths.
The star performer not only famous for his creativity in his work but also well known for his hairstyle and his beard look which has made him a youth icon for all the right reasons, as girls are crazy for him and boys have loved to copy his hairstyle and beard look, craving for a personality like him. Young people are also curious about the clothes he wore, his shirts, suits esp shoes. 

Here we are sharing Parmish Verma Hairstyle (HD) photos, his hairstyle name, his beard style pics (HD), Parmish clothes brandsshoe brand and pics, his kurta pajama pics.

Parmish Verma Hairstyle

 There is no doubt Parmish Verma hairstyle is attractive and suits best on him. This charismatic hairstyle is called as Pompadour.

Pompadour hairstyle is named after Madame de Pompadour (France) a mistress of King Louis XV. Since 1700, the style has been changed many times, again famous in the 20th century and followed by 21 c. Although started by a woman but later adopted by men by just following the main concept and applied according to the men style. In Pompadour, the hair swept over the forehead and sometimes unswept on sides and worn high over the forehead.

Parmish's basic style is pompadour and some small changes gave it a different name and we shared
all the styles down below:
 Modern Pompadour Undercut Fade

                                                     Slicked Back Pompadour with High Fade

Modern Pompadour High Skin Fade

   Semi Man Bun

  •    Here are the pics of his hairstyle from the back side

                                                    Parmish Verma Hairstyle Back Side

Parmish Verma (HD) Hairstyle Wallpaper: The wallpaper is of (1920 x 1080) size. You can download the wallpaper with the link below:
                                                            Image Size (1920 x 1080)
Click here to download

Here is the video of Modern Pompadour Undercut Fade, its one of the Parmish Verma Hairstyle video. You now have the idea how to have a haircut like him.

Parmish Verma Hairstyle Tutorial

To begin with Parmish Verma hairstyle:

  • Uniformly wet the hair
  • Starting from either right or left side of the hair, create horizontal parting from temple to crown.
  • Begining from the front hairline, create a baseline with clipper over comb beginning at the temple ending at the center back.
  • Set the clipper setting at zero from hairline to just below the baseline.
  • At the no.1 clipper guard to blend from the scalp exposure to the baseline.
  • Continue this blend working around to the center back
  • Repeat the same procedure to the other side of the head.
  • Inver the clipper edger again cut the hair for a fine raiser fade, continue this process around the head.
  • Apply grooming spray blow dry with a vent brush to create volume, completely set the hair upwards.
  • Once the hair is dry use blending shear over comb to remove the excess weight of the hair fro all side.
  • Apply hair cream from scalp to end, comb and shape the hair to backward.

Modern Pompadour Undercut Fade:

Parmish Verma Beard Style:
We can proudly say that Parmish Verma beard style is the creation of its own. Its one of the stylish beard style and it's in on-trend today. 
                                                              Parmish Verma Beard Pics
Parmish Verma (HD) Beard Look Wallpaper:
                                                               Image Size (1920 x 1080)
Click here to download

Here is the video of Parmish Verma Beard Style:
If you want to grow and style the beard like Parmish. Wait until you achieve long stubbles with your beard. Shape it slowly using a fine pair of scissors, brush or comb and a quality shaver and trimmer. Remove the hair from your neck and make a fine flat line closer to your chin or near the neck. Create an 'I' on your cheeks and a curve around your ear to achieve a stylish beard like him.

Parmish Verma Dressing Style
Parmish Verma is considered as one of the best trendsetters in Punjabi music Industry. Whether it his suit, his shirts, his shoes or his T-Shirts. The muscular Video director, actor carry anything confidently.
There is a reason to follow this handsome man. Since he started singing songs, his rising popularity increases more excitement esp in young people. Everyone wants to know everything about him, they want to dress like him and wants to wear shoes like him. With passing time his dressing sense has become more trendy and fashionable.

Even though parmish wore many brands but mainly he has his two favorite brands, these are
  1. Louis Vuitton and 
  2. Gucci
Both these International brands offer everything a man needs, starting from Wallet, Belt, Suits, Shirts, Pants, Shoes, Bags, etc.
 Parmish LV Bag

                                                               Parmish Shopping Pics

Parmish Verma Shoes

Mainly he wore LV and Gucci brand Shoes. Here are some pics of his shoes.

Parmish Verma In Kurta Pajama
Here are some of the stunning pics of Parmish Verma in traditional Punjabi Kurta Pajama. The star singer, actor cum director shared it on his Facebook page. He looks so handsome in desi Punjabi look.
                                                     Parmish Verma Kurta Pajama Pics
                                                        (Source: Facebook official)