Khesari Lal Video (HD) Song on Holi (2018) - Rang Barse Sara Ra Ra

The bhojpuri superstar Khesari Lal yadav back again with his new song in Holi. Its a series of video songs which is published by popular bhojpuri music company Wave Music.

This video songs are released on the auspicious eve of Holi (2018). The songs named Rang Barse Sara Ra Ra Ra. The songs has cross passed the total views of more than 1 million in a single day. It's the popularity of the famous singer that every time he pops up, he gave something new and interesting for his fans.

Khesari Lal Video (HD) Song on Holi (2018) - Rang Barse Sara Ra Ra

He sung all these songs on a stage show, it's entertaining and exciting to watch is esp on Holi. The spectator goes crazy over the songs, as they like the singing and performance of this famous bhojpuri artist Khesari lal.

Khesari lal is not only the famous singer but also one of the top actors for Bhojpuri movies. His contribution to the Bhojpuri cinema is unbelievable. Youngsters loved him and many other admired him. Some of the popular movies of him are Dhamru, Sajan Chale Sasural and Jaan Tere Naam.

 Rang Barse Sara Ra Ra Ra is continuous enticing people all over and his video become more and more trendy with each passing day so enjoy these video songs in (HD), on the beautiful occasion of Holi (2018) and many more thing will come in future form this talented Bhojpuri artist.

His last trendy video song is with Chandni Singh, song named Sadu ke dhan jani naash kar aaye jija. Its also one of the superhit Bhojpuri Holi song.

Other than Khesari lal, two other superstars that gave bihari fans moments of joy this holi season are Dinesh lal Yadav and Amrapali Dubey. All three well known artist gave back to back bhojpuri video songs to the public.